Frequently Asked Questions About Shirts:

What kind of shirts do you have? Are they good quality?
We sell 100% cotton, Heavyweight 5.6 oz., Preshrunk T-shirts, unless the customer requests a more expensive and/or heavier weight t-shirt. Prices listed on our website are for good, quality 100% cotton t-shirts. You can get 50/50 t-shirts if that is what you want, however the price for 50/50's are the same as 100% cotton t-shirts.

Do your T-shirt prices listed include shipping? If not, how much will it cost to ship shirts to me?
Costs per shirt listed on our T-shirt pricing tables do not include shipping cost, however each pricing table page contains a link to a shipping cost table.
Shipping cost for t-shirts is based on the quantity of t-shirts (the weight), and your zipcode (the distance the shirts must travel to your location).

For a shipping cost quote please e-mail us your postal zip code and a range of quantities of shirts you may be interested in getting. We will gladly give an accurate shipping cost for you to consider.

A word about SHIPPING CHARGES VERSUS SALES TAX from a LOCAL PRINTER in your area: Shipping charges are almost ALWAYS LOWER than sales tax charges that you may have to pay to a local vendor. Even if we are sending shirts from our location in NC to CA, we are still very competitive in price to a California printer.

What are screen/setup charges?
We use silk screens to print images onto shirts and vinyl sticker sheets. A screen is needed for each color of the image of the design for each side. We can print up to 8 colors per side. Screen set ups are $15.00 each, which include color separations and a film positive. Screen setups are one time charges per design. If you were to reorder shirts with the same design in the future without changes to the artwork, then there would be NO screen setup charges.

I want to get black shirts with white ink on the front AND the back. How many colors would that be?
Two. We would have to print one color (white) on the front of the shirt first and then print one color on the back (White), so that would make it a two color job, even if both the front and back are white.

Can I mix or match sizes and quantities of shirts? Do they have to be in even dozens of color and size, or can I get what I think I need?
Yes, you can mix or match sizes and quantities of shirts. They do NOT have be in even dozens either. If you need 7 small, 9 medium 14 large and 39 XL, that is no problem.
You can also mix colors of shirts in the same T-shirt color categories that we offer, if the ink colors you choose will work with different colored shirts.

It is not possible to mix white shirts and dark shirts within in an order without occurring ink color change charges (if it's possible to do in the first place). We charge $10.00 per ink color to change the color of ink in the middle of a shirt job (if it can be done).

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