Please Note!

Colors may vary from monitor to monitor. The colors in this chart are a close approximation but may be slightly different on the actual printed item.

Colors marked with * are all mixed by our ink department and will be a close match to the indicated Pantone colors.

Colors without * are "off the shelf" stock colors from our ink vendors and the PMS number listed is the closest possible match.

Colors marked with + are not useable on dark shirts or white base inks, these colors should only be used on light shirts.

Colors in a typical PMS book are designed for and printed by offset printers (paper printing) who put very thin layers of transparent ink onto smooth finished papers. This differs from screen-printing, since we apply thick layers of opaque inks onto loops of porous fabric. This can make it very difficult to perfectly match PMS colors. We get the ink colors as close as possible, within a half shade lighter or darker. Lighting conditions, faded and out of date PMS books or PMS book press runs are all factors to consider when properly viewing color. Ideally, the result is a reasonably pleasing color that is as accurate as it can be to the PMS color you have requested within the limitations of screen printing.
PANTONE Solid Coated Colors below: